Hiking | Opal Creek Trail


Opal Pools Forest

Opal Pools Crystal Clear Water

Why hiking is my happiness:

  • Happiness is serenity and calm.
  • Happiness is being surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  • Happiness is a deep breath of fresh air.
  • Happiness is exercising without realizing it.
  • Happiness is spending time with friends and family.

As of just a couple of years ago I never would have imagined spending my Saturday afternoons trekking through forests for fun. Yet gradually hiking has become one of my favorite weekend activities.

I do it for the inevitable moment of awe, inspired by the beauty of the scenery, or the perfect stillness. That moment where you pause for a sip of water and hear nothing but the wind moving through the treetops, little critters running along crispy pine needles, and a distant stream.

Honestly, getting out of cell service for a little while is a tiny escape and accomplishment in itself, and being forced to get off the internet for a couple of hours is a restart button all it’s own. All unnecessary distractions are eliminated, allowing you to be present and to enjoy this moment.

Opal Pools Hike

Opal Pools

If this has inspired you to get outside this weekend here are some hiking resources for you to check out:

  • AllTrails – A great website/app for finding new trails. Includes helpful summaries of each trail, and reviews from fellow hikers. Also allows you to save trails you want to try, and ones you have completed.
  • 15 Brilliant Hiking Hacks (BuzzFeed) – basically a guide to everything you should pack, and how to pack it.
  • 25 BEST HIKES IN THE WORLD TO PUT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST (Local Adventurer) – Get inspired with these legendary trails from around the world. Here’s to hoping my local hiking hobby will someday lead to the Inca trail!

Check out this hike:

Opal Creek Trail


4 thoughts on “Hiking | Opal Creek Trail

  1. I strongly agree with your words. Hiking through nature is one of the most calming feelings there is – You connect with nature. I would love to do that again.


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